What is Webbanalytics by Predictive Analytics S.L?

The lost domain

First we would like to tell the story about the lost web domain. The company that runs and manages this web site and our Facebook page is Predictive Analytics S.L and are located in Torrevieja south of Alicante, Spain. Quite odd that our web domain isn’t predictiveanalytics.es isn’t it? Well, some smart, big and probably global analytics company in the USA pulled a fast one under our nose and just stole the domain. Well, stole might be a strong word, I agree of that but nevertheless that is the feeling that we have. It was actually up for grabs in May, but we thought we had plenty time and then it was gone and we still have plenty of time but no domain…

Ok, they purchased it fairly and we do not complain but we are feeling sad, cheated and confronted with a dilemma. Should we change our company name or just try to cope with it? Have you ever tried to change a registered company name in Spain? The bureaucracy here is enormous so that’s not an option! So this is us coping.



Webbanalytics.com is born! On both Facebook and the web and we’re excited! Firstly we would like to point out that the spelling is not a typo. Webbanalytics is the name. Feel it. Don’t you think it rolls on your tongue so easily? Filled with promises of excellent social marketing. Do you hear the music? We’re thinking Mozart, first gentile and then bombastic…

But remember that the second b is pronounced silently. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it. It’s a Swedish thing and we promises to treat you with respect no matter how you work it out!


Predictive Analytics S.L

We started Predictive Analytics S.L in December 2016. Mostly relying on work coming from Sweden, the country that we are from. With us we have over 20 years in marketing with Radio, in store, events, mail, telemarketing, direct selling, trade shows, promotional. You name it and we’ve probably done it or know of it. We know graphics, copy, campaign planning and execution. We know reporting and analysis, descriptive or advanced, databases, CRM and integration.
All this time we have worked with both B2B and B2C marketing in all types of businesses and in all sizes of companies. Apart from marketing there are a lot of analytics that has been done since it’s the base of all marketing. We work in advanced analytics with mainly scoring and segmentation. We also work with Qlikview that is one of the world’s largest Business Intelligence software.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We state that we know a lot and we do, but we are not magicians! We are generalists but we do good work and what we don’t master we have partners that do.


Anyway, on with the story…

In early summer 2017 something amazing happened in Europe. The EU decision to release roaming in our phones and what that meant for the use of smartphones when you travel in Europe. Seriously, people used to do a lot of social media on their holidays before the release of roaming, but now? The use have already exploded. And here in a tourist location such as Torrevieja and Costa Blanca that means that companies that previously could not contact a tourist unless by a sign on the street can now market themselves effectively and at a low cost. You can even market your offer in their home country before they journey here, Eureka!


Enter Social Media Marketing

Social network marketing and social media campaigns provide a window to market a product or service on the Internet through different social networks. Companies can use these outlets for their marketing, customer service and sales. The most common and successful means of social media marketing are found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and even company blogs. However we focus on Facebook, Instagram and messenger.

Why, you say? Because Facebook is the world’s largest social network and there is nothing that can touch it at the moment. They provide the largest marketplace and why would we work with anything else? You can see some statistics here.

Facebook also provide the advertiser with a full suite of tools to plan, execute, manage and report the effect of the campaigns. The fact that Facebook also owns Instagram and Messenger and have made those channels available in the same tools also helps. So we are sticking with Facebook, Instagram and messenger for now.

So now we ad Social media to our repertoire. The clients so far are most pleased with our use of our knowledge and we hope that you will be that to. You can find some examples here .


the second b is silent…