Ad production

Out of all of our ad productions 99% are comprised of video ads. Video in social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram are increasing dramatically. We produce a video with a descriptive text from either existent pictures or videos, but also have access to stock photos and videos. The video productions can be used for campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or other social media outlets. Alternatively for websites, or for fairs and the like.

Social media campaigns

To successfully execute campaigns on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, an Ad Manager and an ad account is needed. We will help you set this up and also direct campaigns towards specific countries/areas, and towards the appropriate target and language group. In regard to campaigns, different ad types are recommended depending on your advertisement end goal.

Social media post- & response service 

In order for your Facebook page to be active with relevant and interesting information to the people who’ve liked your page, we offer a post service. We write an agreed upon number of posts per month in your requested language, and produce images/videos to the posts, and publish them to your Facebook and Instagram page. We also offer a response service where we answer the comments and questions posted to your Facebook page and through your campaigns. This includes the general comments only. Trade specific questions and inquiries are forwarded to you or answered by us with your assistance.


A newsletter can be a very good compliment to the overall channels for your company to inform your customers of the development of your company, services etc. It will be of essence for customers that are not on Facebook and a good complement for customers that are on social media.  

Target group definitions

The broad range of tools and channels provided by Facebook enables enormous opportunities to access the target group best suited to your company’s services and/or products. How well defined the target group is on social media is crucial for the success of your campaign.

The basic variables for defining a target group is gender, age, language, and geography(where the recipient is located physically.) But this is just the beginning:


  • Education e.g. University degree
  • Income (only in the United States)
  • Life events e.g. birthday, new job, new relationsship, devorce etc.
  • Parenthood e.g. parents with adult children, parents with adolescents, (13-18), or parents with newborns (0-12 months).
  • Relationsship status – Single, married, etc.
  • Work – Hired by company X, trade, position etc.


  • Anything and everything you can imagine. You’ve got to be clever.


  • How often you travel
  • What phone you use
  • If you shop online, and how often
  • If you’ve migrated from a country e.g. from Sweden but live in Spain.

All of the above can be combined into infinity to create entirely unique target groups for your business.

In addition to the above type of target group defining, it’s also possible to utilize your businesses existing clientele to define your target group. This is done by means of matching your clientele database or a list of e-mail addresses from your newsletter, towards Facebooks database. With a successful match we’ll know that these people are actuall clients in your business. When this is completed Facebook can help further by creatubg a “Lookalike” target group. Lookalike is an analysis made by Facebook, which locate people who are similar to the ones in an already defined target group e.g. client database or newsletter. By locating people with similar genders, age, geography, demography, geography, language, interests and behaviors, the probability that these individuals are more susceptible to your specific message is much larger.

To analyze and locate your top target group is hard work and requires experience. Which we possess.  


Does your old website feel aged and stale? We’ll help you develop an existing website when possible or create an entirely new one.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Enginge Optimization (SEO) is one of the top marketing forms today, ensuring the highest ROI (Return On Investment). A large number of both small and big time companies work very actively with SEO today.


  • Search word analysis – what search words are of relevance to you. What we do is analyze and gather statistics of all the search terms that are relevant to your business here in Spain.
  • Go through headlines and texts (the websites content)
  • Go through page titles (Meta Titles). This part of SEO is about creating unique and descriptive headlines on all of your pages. These are defined ”H1 tags”, and are considered to be one of the most important actions to be successful with SEO.
  • Go through the websites individual descriptions (Meta discriptions).
  • Competition analysis – what search words are your competition getting hits on? It pays to rewrite content on you own webpage to make these search words include you as well.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is a simple yet effective way to be shown at the top of the Google search engine results. With the assistance of a search word analysis we’ll create a number of search words that we will run through a campaign on Google Adwords.

The difference between ads on social media and Google Adwords are that when a person searches for information in an active way, they do it through Google. Social media surprise people with a commercial message, and if they’re susceptible their interest may peak, or already exist. That is why we recommend the use of Google Adwords. It is relatively cheap and a very effective way to put your business at the top of Googles search results. Ensuring sticking early in a potiential customers memory.