The Reach

The leading global social platform, Facebook with 2,1 Billion monthly active users (92% mobile) is perhaps the most important asset for social marketers ever.

  • Can you imagine to reach 50.000 people in your target group in 5 days or less for a fraction of the cost that any other existing media would charge you? We’ve done that…
  • Can you imagine to reach 25.000 people in 17 hours? We’ve done that too…
  • Would you like to get Name, E-mail address and a phone number on everybody that reacts on your ad? It’s called Leads ads and together with Facebook pixel it is unbeatable.
  • Trough Facebook you can reach 93 million people in UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.
  • There is a total of 343 million users of Facebook in Europe.


Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform in the world. The potential for your company is enormous!


All that and much more but the best is that you only ever pay for results, just results! Only pay for likes, downloads, purchases, visits to web site and so on. Try that when you negotiate price on an ad in a newspaper.